About Juicy Sacred Living founders Licia and Peter Berry

Married 30+ years, Peter and Licia Berry are a couple devoted to Juicy Sacred Living™.

Juicy Sacred Living™ is a concept they developed to describe their partnership, and their unique life experience in devotion to their children’s, their businesses, and each other’s joyous expression. The two central tenets of their marriage have been:

  1. Intentional relationship, for the purpose of growth, consciousness and joy.
  2. Living in a state of greater awareness, connectedness and blissful experience.

In 2003, Peter and Licia left the ‘safety’ of their careers, home and community to take their children on a 7-year spiritual odyssey.  There they learned new ways of being in relationship with one another, including evolved power dynamics. The results of this wild journey are a body of work they created, called The Aquarian Gospels™.

“Examination of the ways we partner and relate to one another as well as with our own life on Earth has created our awareness that this life is to be enjoyed with respect for the intelligence that creates it.” 

Licia and Peter are artists, authors, and teachers, and offer Retreats, eCourses, books, visual art, private consulting and personal mentoring to people who want a Juicy Sacred Life!


To be a model and a vehicle to change the world by healing the planet and all of its inhabitants.


To bring about Sacred Union on Earth.


A loving Earth where the feminine and masculine live in partnership.


To transform the un-partnered state of humanity into a loving human family until the end of time.